Construction of a new perception and conditioning line for cassia in India

Indien Anlage

  • Perception and cleaning section
  • Storage and sorting
  • Roasting unit
  • Conditioning line

Muehlsteine Cassia India Cassia India

EroeffnungEinweihung Cassia India

Construction of a “green field” complete production line for pet-food

Pet Food Anlage Aussenansicht

  • General Engineering, delivery and assembly

  • Operation start at the end of 2015

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Construction of a new pet-food line with silos for raw materials, grain reception section and 2 unloading stations for tank lorries

Pet-Food Neubau

  • General Commission, incl. engineering and delivery of the engine house in steel construction
  • 12 cells with a capacity of 100 m³ each, unloading by 3-fold screw out-feeder
  • 2 Tank scale under the silos
  • Mixing and grinding line for pet-food with a capacity of 10 t/h

Produktion Silodecke Skizze

Construction of a new silo-line for semolina with innovative solutions for transporting and dosing of the products for the pasta factory

611 3 Aussenansicht fertig

  • 17 round cells with a capacity of 50-150 m³ each
  • Tank lorry loading section with sieving system
  • Special screw out-feeder into 5 pasta lines out of every cell
  • Suction pneumatic with 5 feeding stations per transport line
  • Control sieving station, grinding of pasta breakage, central vacuum cleaning system
  • Complete electrical and control panel system