Flour Mill Engineering

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State-of-the-art milling technology

Advanced milling technology is specified characterised by high precision milling systems with and energy efficient machines. These developments are reflected in our tailor-made project designs: we cover everything from partial plant renewal to the realisation of an entirely new plant, complete with cleaning and milling sections and product handling. We have successfully implemented a huge variety of such projects throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries.

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Not just any diagram

It goes without saying that we design your milling plant using the most modern and hence the most energy efficient machines. However, beyond effective automatization and visualization, a highly successful milling plant is based on the precise coordination of individually tailored milling diagrams with the whole plant design.

We are experts in producing diagrams for high product quality and maximum yields, just as we flawlessly integrate the latest safety specifications (e.g. ATEX-requirements and hygiene standards). We combine tradition and modernity for the effective processing of sensitive raw materials and the preservation of their nutritional value and biological baking properties.

Our know-how – our own machines

It is a great challenge to gently process grain on highly automated machines while maximising yields. We have accumulated decades of experience in this field and as a logical consequence have come to design our own roller mills and sifters. Our German clients are extremely satisfied with these machines.

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Packed and shipped

Customers‘ complex requirements necessitate modern millers to be highly flexible: it is no small feat to fill diverse flour types and baking mixtures into valve bags and small packages, not to mention subsequent storage and shipping. In the past and in close cooperation with our customers we have designed intelligent solutions to even the most complex of cases.

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