Silo engineering

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All sizes and varieties of construction

Depending on the product (e. g. grain, flour, bran and feed), we can deliver silos, provide logistic connections and supply a great variety of indoor and outdoor solutions.

Steel, GRP, aluminum and stainless steel.

Construction types:
Sandwich panels and completely welded smooth-wall cells.

043 Cordesmeyer Sandwich

Angular and round with specific discharging systems and different funnel symmetries.

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Customised silo systems for all requirements

Silo engineering needs to be tackled from the point of view of plant engineering, owing to these systems’ variations in design, shape and requirements. Our planning and implementation of solutions for your storages of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and the mixing and loading systems considers such factors as turnover rates and the degree of mechanization of the loading and unloading units. Additional functional requirements such as dosing, weighing, transporting, aspirating, cooling, level- and temperature-controlling give the silo systems a certain amount of complexity.

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