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We bring the mill to the grain

We want people to get their daily bread even in structurally weak areas. Therefore, we have developed the Mill Truck. This complete mill on a standard semitrailer can be transported wherever there are cereals, but there are no mills. In extensive areas with extremely long ways to the nearest mill, the Mill Truck can thus close a vital gap, especially in the event of a disaster or even war. But it can also be used without any problems to bridge short-term capacity bottlenecks thanks to its flexibility. As an infrastructure, all it needs is a water connection. Thanks to its energy efficiency, an aggregate with 100 kVA is enough for the power supply.


  • No building required: shortest planning and approval phase
  • Low operating costs due to high energy efficiency
  • Flexible grinding diagram
  • Preparation and cleaning at the highest level
  • Ready for use for various cereals
  • Minimal training: easy control and operability
  • Transport with standard semitrailers

Technical Parameters

  • Processing 24 t grain/24 hours
  • 2-segment solution: intake/cleaning – milling
  • Power supply via stationary connection or aggregate with 100 kVA
  • Water connection: 1 bar with 50l/h
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